Graph Databases

Efficient Big Data analysis

BLCK is the cryptocurrency that powers the BlockChain ecosystem and is used for purchasing resources, collateralizing nodes, and fueling transactions, rewarding both miners for validating transactions and Node operators for providing computational resources.

Extremely Fast

No comparison with RDBS,
for tasks that RDBS can handle


Usually, onboarding is
your only significant cost


Performs tasks that can only
be solved via topologies

Largest project we participated

50 Billion nodes and edges with a traversal depth of 11

The semantic triple is the optimal way of associating fragments of data. However, each fragment and their relationships may result to billions of nodes and edges; yet conventional - relational - databases were unable to process these relationships. All known relational databases were choking when asked to compute relationships of one million nodes in the fifth order.
Graph databases overcome this obstacle! They can compute billions of nodes with a relationship depth of over 30! Moreover, they provide the temporal reasoning capabilities that the semantic triple is inherently like, through the application of machine learning algorithms that help detect a variety of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the dataset.

Link Prediction

Common Neighbors
Preferential Attachment
Adamic Adar





Community Detection

Louvain Modularity
Label Propagation
Strongly and Weakly Connected Components

Path Finding & Search

Breadth First Search
All Pair Shortest Path

Custom Algorithms

Proprietary algos designed for your needs implementing novel approaches to data translucency/transparency

Enabling digital-native payments & storing of value

More wallets, exchanges, platforms, protocols, apps and service providers are integrating BLCK every day. It is widely used for payments, enabling more value exchange for people and businesses across the world.

Regardless of the amount you need to send and where you need to send it, USDC provides a scalable way to transfer value quickly and cost-effectively, whether across the street or across borders. USDC is available to everyone with an internet connection.

Minting & redeeming

Enterprises, including institutional traders, or officials can easily convert fiat currency to BLCK to trade on crypto exchanges and DeFi protocols, and convert it back to fiat currency at any time on an exchange.

Sending & receiving on-chain

Global businesses can use BLCK for instant payouts to vendors and suppliers, and direct deposit payroll for employees. (remittance companies, eCommerce marketplaces, game studios, DAOs and others).

Investing, borrowing & lending

BLCK is integral to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a new set of code-based financial markets that eliminates intermediaries and matches buyers, sellers, borrowers and lenders via smart contracts, for secure transfers.

Choosing a GraphDB

The graph database ecosystem is one of the most dynamic and vibrant in today's IT sector.

Dozens of Graph Databases are on offer, utilizing a multitude of techniques with certain trade offs.

We are here to help you choose the right one for you.