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Be the facilitator that inspires companies, governments and decision makers to instigate policy and institutional change through informed decision-making to the benefit of society and the people who need it the most.

About Us Our History

Our history is the collection of the individual histories of our fellows. We encourage you to read our detailed CVs and self-descriptions here or elsewhere, to read about our past projects, as well as visit our partners and seek their opinions of us.

Oxford Metadata was founded in August 2016, as Metapoll Ltd – a consequence of the extremely accurate predictions of its founder, on the Brexit Referendum: In May 2016, by applying his research at the University of Oxford in quantifying transparency, he had predicted that Brexit will take place with 52% (eventual outcome 51.9%). 

This prediction and past track record, attracted the interest of a US entity regarding the assessment of the 2016 US elections.

In the period between 2017 and 2020 our know-how and research on the semantic-triple meta-analysis was put into good use  into analysing complex processes in the Finance and Pharma Sectors. 

Developing parsers and models towards the analysis of extremely complex software, can be considered as trivial when compared with estimating and predicting human behaviour, with immediate, hard to ignore, benefits.  


Provide exceptional scientific quality and collaborative work through a network of highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional, and passionate  partners.

Empower our partners to achieve their strategic goals by facilitating the adoption of state-of-the art technologies offering perspectives building on their strengths.

Our Fellows We're all about fellowship.

The word "team" understates our bond

Oxford Metadata is not a set of associates who were assembled into a team with the aspiration to find a common ground -usually the lowest common denominator- that end-up being subjected to team-group dynamics to the detriment of their own goals!

Oxford Metadata is an ensemble of fellows who are first and foremost companions in serving  their common values that pre-existed their fellowship.

Outstanding people, who have dedicated their lives into offering optimal solutions to issues worthwhile addressing, towards the common good.

Founding Director

Dimitris Vayenas

Founding Director
Senior Programmer

Louis Alba

Senior Programmer
Chief of Design

Shelly Sharma

Chief of Design
Senior Developer

Peters Abiodun

Senior Developer
Chief of Finance

Darcy Hutchens

Chief of Finance
Senior Designer

Ricky Onassis

Senior Designer

Our Partners The people we work with are invaluable.

We are honoured to interact with so many amazing partners.

Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us or commissioned us to help achieve their goals, while helping us along the way to continuously re-define our own goals in order to serve their needs even better. 

Oxford University Innovation, provided valuable financial and entrepreneurial assistance towards the development of the meta-visualiser product -that converts images of applications to functional modules through world-leading Image Processing techniques. Oxford Innovation together with Exeter College, Oxford hold a stake to the meta-visualiser product. Oxford Metadata will always be indebted for their crucial and timely support.
Thomson-Reuters Finance and Risk (now Refinitiv) Senior Management entrusted Oxford Metadata with the undertaking of an independent study for the assessment of the product roadmap of their flagship, multi-billion, product, the EIKON platform.
ADDVALUE provides A to Z services by uniquely integrating Market Access, Negotiations, Business Intelligence, Public Affairs and Public Policy Strategies using the most Innovative Medicine Reimbursement Techniques. Oxford Metadata is a technology partner to ADDVALUE catering for all their IT and Data Analysis needs.
Oxford Metadata has joined forces with CM First -the pioneering company in the automated assessment of complex enterprise applications in the IBM Mainframe eco-system- in order to further expand the breadth and depth of CM First’s EvolveIT platform. Oxford Metadata licensed its proprietary technology in the semantic parsing of languages used in IBM systems, while it also became a reseller of the full portfolio of CM First’s products and services.
Oxford Metadata has been admitted to the start-up program of Neo4j. Oxford Metadata is able to utilise the unmatched functionality, sheer performance and the AI Enterprise Toolset of the world’s first and leading Graph Database. In our collaboration we are focusing of providing deltas (versioning) visualisation in Graphs as well as for the optimisation of algorithms pertaining to Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
pqcode facilitates post transaction engagement, loyalty, and digital receipts for in-store retail environments. partnered with Oxford Metadata to launch its product to new markets as well as apply it to new contexts.

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