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Custom Application Development

Award Winning Application Development & Optimisation is Oxford Metadata’s business Unit involved with the design and implementation of award winning web sites and  services. 

For over 25 years, it is credited with significant contributions in leading web sites and services. 

Over the year have been employed by Microsoft, Google, Thomson-Reuters Finance and Risk Division (now Refinitiv) as well as leading Media Organisations (such as Burda, The Economist, Lambrakis Press/Hearst) in adding value to their dynamic content offerings. 


Helping create one of the first virtual communities on the Web

Back in 1994 there was not much original content on the Internet. Our Opinions on Hi-Fi Audio became an instant hit and got us invited in the creation of one of the first virtual community on the www as editors of their Hi-Fidelity Audio section.

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Analysing complex applications

Thomson Reuters asked us to undertake a study of their EIKON Platform – a $2 billion software development investment – and help them with their product roadmap

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Delivering affordable solutions for your MVP

Until recently creating professional dashboard solutions for your Minimum Viable Product was an expensive and risky business. 
Oxford Metadata, uses the power of Wordpress together with state of the art Bootstrap 5 techniques to deliver in no time, your MVP. 

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