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Innovative Semantic Analysis.

Oxford Metadata offers a unique perspective on your processes, functions and data using the semantic triple meta-analysis as its core expertise. 

Processes and Applications are converted into data sets, and are visualised in Graph Databases facilitating further assessment.

Our methodology – conceived and formulated at the University of Oxford – can provide invaluable insights from complex data sets.  

We partner with your team to design customized services that meet your needs in the fields of Data Governance, Compliance, Development, Operations and Security.  

Supporting Collaborative Environments

Our History Quantifying Transparency.

Our research at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford aspired to quantify in an objective manner the value of information exchanges among various stakeholders as a key enabler to open data sharing.

We started modeling information flows in many-to-many collaborative environments, in order to quantify each party’s contribution to the discourse with the aim to cultivate a collaborative culture among teams.

Our theory was proof tested with a real case study in the fields of electoral predictions and subsequently in the financial and banking domains via the meta-analysis of complex processes. 

Our unprecedented success and accuracy instigated the adaptation of our core methodology in many subsequent fields of business.

Our Services Where We Excel

Data Lineage and Impact Analysis

Automated impact analysis of your applications helping you achieve your compliance objectives as well as minimise on-boarding, development and troubleshooting costs, offered in a graph db, web-based reporting repository

Custom Product Development

From concept to MVP to full-scale implementations we help you develop your ideas into unique solutions based on tried and tested platforms featuring interactive visualisations, via Graph databases and Python-powered AI development

Web Access Control Modeling

Understand the behaviour of your users in collaborative environments.
From transaction assessment for AML to patterns of behaviour when accessing sensitive information, to the efficiency of campaigns in Social Media

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